Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teachers Pet

This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.


Supplies Needed

Artwork by ©Zlata_M at SATC

Chalk Dust Extended


Okay, let's get started.
Remember to save often!!!

Open new canvas 800 x 800

Re-size items as desired

Use my tag as guide for placement and re-sizing if needed

There are a gazillion school scraps so feel free to use what you have or whichever scrap you like and just follow along as most have similar elements

Fill with white

Add new layer and fill with color of choice I used blue and added texture to my layer
Apply mask 6 that comes with kit or mask of choice

Merge group

Paste overlay 7d - notebook
Move to right side

Paste overlay 6a - abc line
Move to bottom area

Paste cluster frame 11
Move to left area

Paste cluster frame 5a
Move to left above other cluster

Paste overlay 2a - lunch bag
Move to right bottom area

Select open area of cluster 11
Paste paper of choice
I used paper 12 and 1
Keep selected
Paste close up tube that you mirrored
Select none
Duplicate tube 
On top copy change blend to screen

Paste tube and move to right area

Add drop shadow to layers of choice

Add name

Add copyright info

Crop & Save

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