Friday, March 1, 2013

Three-Ring Circus

 photo circus-1.png
This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

 I used artwork by ©Terra Bidlespacher at MTA


(PTU) Circus by MKDesigns

Lokas Software - Gel

Haven't we at some point in our lives wanted to run away 
and join the circus or felt that our lives were a 
circus and we were the juggler?  I know both those feelings so I created a tag 
that you can run away to a circus for a few minutes 
and have a little fun creating your circus and no juggling required!

Okay, let's get started
Remember to save often!!!

Use my tag as guide if needed.

Open new canvas 800 x 800
Crop before saving tag

All items need to be re-sized as this is not a tagger kit
I re-sized most elements by 20%
But re-size to fit your tag

Paste paper 7
Crop so you just have tent and a little of the ground
Look at mine and judge for your tag

Using preset shape - rectangle at 6 width
Draw out a rectangle to frame your paper
Convert to raster
On top copy float and apply
texture effect - fine leather
 photo fineleather-4_zps7f0ce9a4.jpg
Lower opacity of top layer to 55

Select bottom frame layer and float
Expand by 2
Paste element 14 the ground layer
Move below other layers 

OK so now the base of the tag is done it's time to start adding the elements

Paste element 35 the arch and place over front of tent

Paste element 47 and re-size by 50%
Move both to top one on right and one on left
Merge together
Duplicate and then flip
Merge these two together as well
Move to bottom of tag

Paste element 12 the birds
Move to top left so the one bird is sitting on frame

Paste element 41 the clown
Move him to left with feet outside frame
I added a light drop shadow then a dark drop shadow 
to him so his head would show better on bg area

Paste element 23
Move below the arch

Paste element 28 the circus sign
Move above arch 

Paste element 7 the stand
Move to middle but more to left

Paste element 15 the elephant
Place on the stand

Paste element 16 the ball and place at end of elephants trunk

Paste element 40 the lion
I mirrored mine and also erased part of him so it looks like he's behind the tent

Paste your tube
Move he so the bottom of her is right at frame line

Add drop shadow to layers of choice

Add name
I changed the color of each letter to go with colors in tag

Add copyright info

Remember to crop before saving.

Hope you have had fun at the circus!!!!

 photo circus.png

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