Monday, October 1, 2012

Nightmare Wonderland

This tutorial is for those with a good working 
knowledge of psp and was writen by me.

Supplies Needed

Scrap kit, I used PTU  Nightmare Wonderland by Toxic Desirez.
Font, I used Pixelette.
EyeCandy - Gradient Glow
Mura's Meister - Copies

Let's Begin!

Open my template and Shift D.
Close original.

Use my tag as a guide as needed.

Paste word art 2 and re-size by 80%.

Using magic wand click inside 
circle frame and modify - expand by 5.
Paste paper of choice and hit delete.
Do this for each frame.

When you are done click inside the left and right 
rectangle frames again and then invert.

Paste Jack and hit delete.
I mirrored the right Jack before pasting.

Paste main Jack.

Paste the elements of choice.
I added gradient glow to the bat and main 
Jack elements to make them show more.

Add drop shadow to layers.

Add name.
I typed my name.
Applied Tiling - Gap 1.

Float the bg of middle frame and 
invert and hit delete on name layer.

Add copyright for scrap.

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