Tuesday, January 24, 2012

♥ Emo Love ♥


This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice, I used artwork by ©SweetPinUp at MTA
Emo scrap kit used is free with purchase from SweetPinUp.

Font of choice, I used Gasoline Alley NF.
Optional Plug-Ins, I used PhotoEffex - ScanLines.
Template - I made.

OK let's get started by opening my template and shift D. Delete info layer.

Select lines layer and float then add new layer and fill with color from tube. I used white and black every other line.

Add noise at 25 if desired. Add drop shadow.

Move frame and bg where you would like. I moved mine up and to the left.

Select frame bg layer and float add new layer and fill with color from tube. I used #c43844 and #fe8cc7 as gradient.

Keep selected and invert and paste tube and move where you like it over selected area and hit delete. 

I added PhotoEffex - ScanLines default setting to tube. And Texture - Fine Leather to the background layer but this is up to you add whatever plugin or texture of choice or leave original.

Lower tube layer to 80 opacity.

Paste tube again and place where you like it. Add drop shadow.

Place any elements of choice. I used elements 8 and 10.

Add drop shadow to your elements layers.

Add name and drop shadow that as well.

Add copy right info layer.

That's it! =)

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