Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gorjuss Snowman


This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube, I used one from ©Suzanne Woolcott
Font of choice, I used Wickenden Cafe NDP.
Metel looking glass, you can get that Here - Friday Freebie -towards the bottom.

Let's Begin!

Open metel glass and using selections tool - point to point 
select the top left glass and copy.

Paste glass as new layer and re-size by 45%.

Using magic wand tool click on the outside of the glass and expand by 4 and then invert.
Add new layer and flood fill with color. I used #e3dfc6.

Add another layer and make a outline at bottom 
of circle and flood fill with color. I used #c2c2bc.

Take your eraser tool at opacity 10 and 
erase the top area so it blends into other color.
Use my tag as guide.

Merge both colors together.

Select metel glass then adjust - colorize
H 30, S 90

Paste tube and place where you like it.

I tubed scarf so it could be out of the circle.

Add drop shadow to tube but on another layer.
and again using -1.

Merge both the shadow layer together and using eraser tool again erase 
shadow on snow so it doesn't stand out but snowman does.

Now close all except bg layer and paste into AS.

Ctrl L until you have 10 frames.

Open snow and Ctrl A and drag to bg frame.

Back to psp and close bg layer and open all the others.

Copy merge and paste into AS.

Ctrl L until you get 10 frames again and 
drag to tag and fit where it goes.

Save and you're done!

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