Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Spring

This tutorial is for those with a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice, I used artwork by Suzanne Wollcott.
Scrap kit, "PTU Incredible Things" by Irene Alexeeva.
Alpha, by Dozibaer (alphas 1 page 7)

Let's Begin!

Open supplies and re-size.
Frame at 35%
Paper at 20%
Clouds at 20%
Grass at 20%
Mushrooms at 20% twice.
Tree at 20% then 70%
Owl at 20% then 45%
Bow (cord) at 20%
Beads at 20% then 80%
Snail at 3%

New canvas 800 x 600.
Flood fill with white.
Remember to crop and re-size when done if desired.

Paste frame and center it.
Select magic wand and select inside frame and go to
selections - modify - expand by 5 and then invert and paste paper 2 or your choice and hit delete.
Select none.

Paste grass and place it on left side and then duplicate it and mirror it. Use my tag as guide.

Paste clouds and drag to left below frame but above paper and duplicate and mirror.

Paste snail, mushrooms, tree and owl and arrange like mine or how you like.

Paste tube of choice.

For bow I used cord and cropped off bow part of it and just rotated it to left at 90 degrees.
Place it how you like and then select and float it.
New layer and flood fill with color of choice. I used #978873. (tree color)
Change blend mode to screen.

Paste alpha and place how you like and merge each letter when done.
Select - float and add new layer and flood fill with color. I used #dcafc4. (tube color)
Change blend mode to screen.

Add drop shadow to layers. (I didn't add to cloud layer.)

Add copyright.

Close white bg layer and save as png or your choice.

You are done!

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