Thursday, April 2, 2009



This tutorial is written for those that
have a working knowledge of PSP.

You will need...

Tube of choice, I used artwork by Jennifer Janesko
and you can purchase her work here.
Scrap kit- the one I used or one of choice,
I used (PTU) Belle De Nuit by Irene Alexeeva and you can find her site here.
Template is one of ButterflyFlutterby's called I'm Stuffed
You can get it here.
Eye Candy 4000 / Gradient Glow
Font I used is Bella.

Okay lets begin!

Remember to save often!!!

Open template and shift D and close original.
Go to image / canvas size / 600 x 600

new raster layer / flood fill with white
I didn't use a lot of the layers that are supplied, so just delete the ones not used.
On the mask layer
select / float / defloat / invert
choose a paper and paste and hit delete
do this for the circle and the rectangles
Add elements of your choice
Look at my tag for reference on placement.
Select circle layer
float / defloat / invert
paste tube / postion / delete
change blend mode to luminance (legacy)
Add Name and Gradient Glow
Add Copyright
Add Drop shadow of choice.

Save as desired.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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