Thursday, January 2, 2014

How To Use Alpha's

How to use Alphas

Most alphas no matter where you get them come on a single layer.
Sometimes you may find each letter on separate layer but not often. So for those just starting to use alphas and wondering "Ugh how do I use them if they are all together" here is tutorial on how to get the letters you need.

First open alpha in psp or ps depending on what program you use

Now on the left go to selection tool - freehand
Point to Point

Once you have that selected go around each letter you want to use and copy and paste into your tag or promote as new layer to come back and use when tag is ready for name

So now you will have something like this...

And that is how you use alphas 
I hope I have explained it well enough for you and that you have fun using alphas in your tags.

"Happy Tagging"

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