Sunday, May 12, 2013

Emo Princess'

 photo EmoPrincess.png
This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Artwork by ©Celinart at SATC

P22 Chai Tea Regular



Eye Candy 5 Impact - Gradient Glow
Cybia - Screen works
Richard Rosenman - Scanlines


Okay, let's get started
Remember to save often!!!

Open template and re-size canvas to 800 x 800
Crop after tag is done

Close info layer

Follow these steps 

1. Select layer
2. Float
3. Invert or add new layer
4. Paste paper or fill with pattern or texture
5. Hit delete if using paper
6. Apply gradient glow to original
 layer using color of choice and then noise at 30
Go HERE if you aren't familiar on my way 
of adding gradient glow using EC 5 Impact 

We are going to start at the bottom layer (in layers pallet)
and work our way up the template following the steps above.

black top - paper 10
black bottom - paper 8

white top - pink
white bottom - blue
Apply screen works filter - any pattern 

grey top rectangle - paper 4
grey bottom rectangle - paper 12

grey top square - pink
grey bottom square - blue
Apply fine leather or any texture of choice

dark grey top - paper 2
dark grey bottom - paper 2

circle - using selection tool select half of the circle and float
Paste tube and delete
Go back to circle
Paste other tube

Now select each tube and float
Contract by 1

Do this for both and you should have a black line 
in middle of both tubes

Re-size elements to your desired size

Use my tag for guide if needed

Paste element 76 
Apply copies - v-tile
Crop all but first line
Place over the black line between tubes

Apply scan lines using matching light color
So pink tube is really light pink and blue tube is really light blue for lines and change top two settings to 2

Paste both tubes
Move pink to left and blue to right
Use selection tool to crop even with template

Now add elements of choice

I used

Add new layer and move to bottom
Using splatter brush paint around tag area

Add name

Add copyright info

Crop & Save

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