Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toxic Easter

 photo toxiceaster.png
This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

 I used Artwork by ©Lady Mishka at SATC

Temp #175 by Toxic Desirez

Chicken Butt

(PTU) Toxic Easter by Toxic Desirez at SATC

Eye Candy 5 - Impact - Gradient Glow

Okay, let's get started
Remember to save often!!!

Open template and shift D
Close original and re-size canvas to 800 x 800
Crop after tag is done

Delete info layer

There are a few basic steps for this template that are repetitive.
1. Select layer
2. Float
3. Invert
4. Paste paper
5. Hit delete

We are going to start at the bottom layer (in layers pallet)
and work our way up the template following the steps above.

First start merging matching layers together
black rectangle with other black rectangle
green circle with other green circle
and so on and so on

Once you have layers merged go back to bottom layer 
I sort of stayed with color scheme of template 
so if it's black I used black paper, green I used green and so forth

black rectangles - paper 6
green circles - paper 8
blue rectangles - paper 2
pink squares - paper 5
yellow rectangle - paper 4
black circle - paper 1

Okay onces you have paper on all your layers it's time to add gradient glow.
Usually one of my steps above is to close original but not for this tag.
We are going to add the gradient glow to the original template layer

Here are the settings I used

 photo ec5gg1.jpg

 photo ec5gg2.jpg

Delete the extra colors so it looks like the one below
Just click color and then delete button
 photo ec5gg3.jpg
Apply noise at 25 to layers after you add gradient glow

Paste your tube
Float the circle paper layer not the original
Click delete on bottom tube
Select none
Crop legs on top tube layer
Merge both together

Now it's time to add elements to your tag

I used 

bunny from tube
bow 2

For the splatter element I moved to top right area
Moved to left top area
Merged together
Moved to bottom

Add name
I used foreground black and paper 11 as background 

Add drop shadow to layers

Crop and Save

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