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 photo skullified_zpseba288e3.png
This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice, I used artwork by ©Arthur Crowe.
Scrap kit, I used (PTU) Skullified by Toxic Desirez at TPP
Font of choice, I used 
Template, I used Template by Ash and Kristin at Creative Misfits
Mask, I used Grungi 10 by Sharon at Creative Misfits
Plug-In : Richard Rosenman - Scanlines
and EyeCandy - Gradient Glow

Let's Begin!

Open template and shift D.
Close original.
Delete top 6 layers

I re-sized my canvas to 800 x 800
to give me more room and cropped when I was done
but this is totally up to how you like to do it.

There are a few basic steps for this template that are repetitive.
1. Select layer
2. Float
3. Invert
4. Paste paper
5. Hit delete
6. Close original layer

I like to start at bottom layer and go up.

Open white background and fill entire layer with white
Close this before you save as PNG at the end
but for now it helps see everything better

Paste paper 22
Apply Mask
Merge group

Now begin the steps I outlined above for the layers

Doodles - paper 26

Dotted - paper 1 and paper 2

Rectangle - paper 1

Circles - (Merge circle layers together) paper 3
Keep selected and paste close up
Place one on each area floated and then delete once you have them how you like
Lower opacity to 75 and blend to screen
I also filled a new layer with texture to give it a grungier look
with opacity at 60
My texture is HERE.

Purple Stars - paper 2
Apply noise at 20

Pink Stars - paper 1
Apply noise at 20

Circle 1 - paper 2
Apply ScanLines using black at 2 spacing

Glitter Circle - Add new layer and fill with color from tube
I used #650239
Apply noise and gradient glow
3,25,100, white

Circle 2 - paper 6

Circle 3 - delete

Skulls - paper 26

Now it's time to start adding elements.

Use my tag as guide for placement of elements if needed

Paste frame 1 and re-size so it's size of small circle layer
Move above tube layers

Paste other elements of choice

I used bottle, razor blade, spiked heart and (my favorite) teddy bear

Add name
I used gradient and applied gradient glow

Add copyright info


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