Friday, January 18, 2013


 photo Dollmaker_zpsb3b4248a.gif

This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube, I used artwork by ©Amberly Berendson at MTA
Font, I used Alien League
Plug-in, I used  Richard Rosenman - Scanlines

Let's Begin!

Open new canvas 650 x 250

Fill with #1d1b1b

New layer
Add texture using #141313
My texture is HERE.

Paste your tube a few times and move 
how you like them
Using eraser tool at opacity of 30
erase parts of tube so they blend together

Apply scanlines filter
Change opacity to 20
and blend mode to screen

Paste tube and center
Apply drop shadow

Using rectangle preset tool
set at 6 foreground #372721
background closed
Draw out a frame just a little smaller than canvas
Convert to raster
Add new layer
Apply texture like above
Apply bevel of choice

Crop any of your centered tube that's outside frame

Add name

Add copyright info

Close everything above the tube background
Copy merged
Paste into AS

Ctrl L until you have 6 frames

Open my red section
Ctrl A
Drag to tag
Place where you like it

Back to psp
Open all the layers that are closed and close those that are open.
Copy merged

Paste in AS 
Ctrl A
Drag to tag and line it up
where it goes

For my tag I also applied underwater to my tubes eyes by using these
underwater settings in AS.

Start by selecting the eyes on tube and copying them to AS

Then apply animation
 photo underwater1-1_zps2f7f39af.jpg

 photo underwater2-1_zpse8b9a393.jpg

 photo underwater3_zps7d9a9e08.jpg

Delete the first frame 
Ctrl A
Drag to tag and line up where it goes on tube

Save as gif.

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