Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh So Sweet


This tutorial is for those with a good working 
knowledge of psp and was writen by me.

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice, I used ©Danielle Pioli at MTA
Font of choice, I used Yippy Skippy Alt.
Template, I used #258 from Missy at DivineIntentionz

Let's Begin!

Open template and shift D and close original. Delete info layer.

Paste background circle I supplied. 

Paste tube(s) and place where you like them.

If using the same tube I am you will need to make a trail for your dragonfly.

Select the pen tool set to dots at width 2 and draw out a trail using color of choice. Make sure only foreground color is open.

Add drop shadow.

Close out white bg and copy merge.

Paste into tag and move to bottom.

Open white bg layer again.

On the merged layer go to Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur  set to 10.

I applied a canvas texture to this layer as well.

Add name and apply noise at 20 and then a gradient glow 3,25,100, white.

Add drop shadow.

Add copy right info.

Save - That's it!

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