Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heart Breaker

This tutorial is for those with a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tubes of choice, I used artwork by Elias Chatzoudis.
Scrapkit (optional), "FTU Love Hearts" from Jaelop Designs.
Font of choice, I used Ministry Script (PTU).
Template, I used #296 from Missy.
Plug-In : EyeCandy 4000 : Gradient Glow
Xero : Porcelain
Mura's Meister - copies
Photoeffex - Scanlines

Let's Begin!

Open Template
Shift D
Re-size Canvas to 800 x 700
This will give you room to move around
but don't forget to crop/re-size when done.

Delete the copyright layer, small circle and dotted long rectangle (pink) layers, wordart layers, dot layers and hearts layer.

On bottom oval layer, selections and float image and then invert image.
New raster layer and paste paper of choice or color. I used paper 7 from kit.
Select none.

On the pink horizontal rectangle layer, float and modify and smooth by 10.
Add new layer and flood fill with color of choice. I used #740101.
Select none. Close pink layer off.

On circle layer select using magic wand the pink section.
Add new layer and flood fill with same color as before.
Select none.

Back to circle layer and float and then add new layer and flood fill with black.
Close original layer off.

Type out saying of choice or mine. I'M GONNA BREAK YOUR HEART
Objects align and center in canvas
Convert to raster layer
Mura's Meister - copies using tiling setting and change gap to 1.

Select black circle layer again and float it and then invert and hit delete on word layer.
Select none.

For vertical rectangle layer, paste tube and mirror and
then select rectangle layer and float and then invert and hit delete on tube layer.

Xero : Porcelain using default settings.
Photoeffex - Scanlines using default settings.

Lower opacity to 65.

Paste tube and place like mine.

Using preset shape Heart draw out a heart like mine.
Using white as foreground and black as background colors.
Convert to raster then using selection tool - point to point
make a crack and on new layer fill with red.

Add word art of choice.

For name I used #740101 and used inner bevel
bevel 2, width 12, Image - 20,6,-15,18, Angle -135,35,60 white
Then added gradient glow using white 3,25,100.
Then rotated it to the left about 10 degrees or so - play with it until you like it.

Add drop shadow to all layers.

Add copyright.

You are done!

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