Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Zipper


This tutorial is written for those that
have a working knowledge of PSP.

You will need...

I used X

Animation Shop

Tube of Choice
I used (IRPG-AJ) Tube from Ismael Rac
You can find him HERE.
Please Do Not Use Same Tube
Without Purchasing It.

Scrap Kit

I used papers from a kit by
Ziggle Designs called SK8R
You can get it HERE.
Any Papers or Color Pallet will work.


PTU so can't supply

Filters Used

Eye Candy - Gradient Glow


I used Template #11 from Tracy F. Designs
You can get it HERE.

My Supplies
masks, wordart, and zipper animation

Okay, let's get started.

Remember to save often!!!

Open Supplies and Minimize

Open Template
Shift D
Close Original
Delete Info Layer

New Raster Layer
Flood Fill with White
Send to Bottom

Paste Paper of Choice
Apply Mask EBDmask52
Merge Group

Apply Mask 20 20
Merge Group

Select Circle Layer
Float - Invert
Paste Paper
Hit Delete
Select None

Select Frame of Cirlce Layer
Float - Invert
Paste Paper
Hit Delete
Select None

Effects - EC Gradient Glow
3 - 25 - 100 - white

Drop Shadow

Repeat this for
All Layers of Template
Remember that Gradient Glow
is for Frame Layers

Once that is done
Paste Tube
Crop Excess

Add Name

To Write on Curve
if not using wordart I supplied

Chose Color or Paper for
Foreground and Background

Using the Eclipse Tool
Make a Circle
bigger than the one we already have

Keep Circle as a Vecter
Click Text Tool

Click the right center of circle when
you see the A on a curve
and write saying of choice.

In Layers Pallette Click the Plus Sign
for the Circle and Text Layer
Hide the Circle
Convert to Raster

Add Gradient Glow

Add Copyright

Copy - Merged

Paste into AS
Crtl L
until you have 20 layers

Open Zipper Animation

Crtl A
Drag to Tag
and place like mine.


That's it!!!!

Hope you were able to follow along and enjoy the tutorial.

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