Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fairie Lake Scrap Tag


This tutorial is written for those that
have a working knowledge of PSP.

You will need...

I used X

Animation Shop

Scrap Kit

I used a totally cute scrap from
Irene Alexeeva called Fairie Lake
You can get it HERE.


Ability Black

Filters Used

Eye Candy 5 Nature - Ripples

Animated Fish

Okay, let's get started.

Remember to save often!!!

Open Supplies and Minimize

Open New Canvas
700 x 700

Flood Fill
with White

Paste Paper of Choice

Apply Mask of choice
Merge Group

Paste Frame 4
Click inside each square
with Magic Wand
Modify by 4

Paste Paper 1
Duplicate Twice
so you have 3

Place Water Area in each box
Hit Delete.
Do this for all 3.

Select None

Merge All 3 Layers Together

Duplicate Twice
So you have a total of 3

On Each Layer
Effects - EC5 Nature
1, 33, 1, 50, .9, 19

Make sure you click
Random Seed Button
for each Layer

Paste Lantern

Paste Button
Duplicate and Place

Paste Grass
Duplicate and Place Around
Until you get it like you like.
Use my tag as a guide if needed.

Paste HedgeHog and Fishing Pole
and make sure Pole Layer
is under the Hedgehog Layer.

Paste All Other Elements

Add Name

Add Drop Shadow To All Layers.

Go to the 3 Water Layers
Close Off 2

Copy Merged

Paste in AS

Back to PSP

Close Off Layer
that's showing

UnHide Another of the Layers

Copy Merge

Paste in AS

Repeat until all 3 Layers are in AS

Crtl A

Crtl C

Right Click on First Frame

Paste Before Current Frame

Do This Twice
so you have a total of 9 Frames

Delete First Frame
So you will have just 8

Open Animation I supplied

Crtl A

Drag to Tag and Place
where you like it.

Animation - Frame Properties
change to 20 or how you like it


That's it!!!!

Hope you were able to follow along and enjoy the tutorial.

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