Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Elias


This tutorial is written for those that
have a working knowledge of PSP.

You will need...

Tube of choice, I used artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
and you can purchase his work HERE.
Don't use same tube unless you purchase it.

Template #10 from Teresa's.
You can get it HERE.

Mask you can get that HERE.

No Scrap Used.
You can use one if you would like.

Eyecandy4000 / Gradient Glow

Xero / Pocelain

Font I used was Scrap Round

Okay, here we go...

Remember to save often!!!

Open template and shift D and close original.
Go to image / canvas size / 700 x 700
Flood fill with a color from your tube
apply mask
Layers - Merge Group

Select Circle layer / Float
New Raster Layer /Flood Fill with a different color from tube.
(we will be doing the above steps for all layers)
Effects / Texture Effects / Fine Leather
Color Black / Blur 10 / Transparency 250 / Furrows 50 / Length 6
Select None.
Close out original layer.

Select Black Layer
Float / New Raster Layer / Flood Fill
I used gradient of two colors from tube.
Apply same Fine Leather Effect
Select None.
Lower Opacity to around 44.
Leave Original layer showing.

On Bottom Strip Layers
Select / Float / Flood Fill
Select None.

On Top Strip Layer / Sweet Word Layer / Flowers
Select / Float / Flood Fill
Select None.
EyeCandy / Gradient Glow
3 / 25 /100
color from tube

On Frame BG Layer
Select / Float / Flood Fill
Select None.

Add Tube
Place where you like it.
Duplicate and Mirror then drag below frame outline layers.
Select Frame BG Layer
Float / Invert
Go back to duplicated tube and hit delete.
Do this for all three spots.
Effects / Xero / Porcelain
Default Settings.
Lower Opacity to about 67.
Do for all three layers.

Add Copyright

Add Name

Add a drop shadow of choice to your layers.
Save as desired.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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