Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Day...

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This tutorial is for those with a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Scrapkit, "Kiss Him He's Green (PTU)" from Irene Alexeeva.
Font of choice, I used DC Seasons (PTU).
Mask, you choice.
Plug-In : Optional
(PTU) Lokas Software
(for gel look on text)

Let's Begin!

Open supplies and resize.
I resized the girl frog at about 40% and the prince frog and lily pad at about 25%
and frame by 55% and hearts by 30%

Select the bubble supplie and go to Image - canvas size and make it 700 x 600.

This will give you room to move around
but don't forget to crop/resize when done.

Paste frame and center in frame.
Move the bubble layers to the right of frame.

Paste a paper and apply mask. I used paper 3.
Merge group.
I added fine leather texture to my mask layer using the "crackle" setting.

Paste girl from and lily pad and place like I have mine or where ever you want them.

Select freehand tool using point to point and draw around frame area and invert it.
Paste paper of choice and hit delete. I used paper 1. Select none.

On bubble layers, select bottom layer and float it and then invert it and paste paper and hit delete.
I used same paper 1 again. Select none.

Paste hearts and prince frog and place where you like.

Add text and apply a bevel or use lokas plugin - gel with setting of 5, 50, white.

Add name and bevel / gel effect.

Add dropshadow to layers.

Add copyright.

Now if you are wanting to animate it at this point you
need to copy merge and paste into animation shop.

Back in psp you need to draw around the large bubble part with free hand tool and hit delete
and select none then copy merge into AS and paste before layer.

In psp select next smaller bubble and do the same as above
and then the last bubble and when it's
gone, copy merge again and paste in AS.

Change frame properties to 35 for all but last frame and change that one to 100.

Save and that's it!

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