Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cold Outside (FTU)

This tutorial is for those with a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tubes of choice, I used artwork by Suzanne Woolcott.
Scrapkit, "Baby it's cold outside" from Ivy's Inspiration.
Font of choice, I used Adobe Myungjo Std (PTU).
Mask, I used 157 from Insatiable Dreams.
Plug-In : Optional
Eye Candy 4000 : Gradient Glow

Let's Begin!

Open supplies and resize frame by 35% and tag by 25% and paper by 50%.

New Canvas 700 x 600.

Paste paper of choice and apply mask. Merge group.

Make selection around frame part with selection tool.

New raster layer and flood fill with a color of choice or use a pattern as I have.
I made the pattern from the tag by selection a
part of the tag and using it as a pattern in my pallette.

Paste tube of choice, duplicate and move one above frame and one below frame.
On the top tube layer erase the bottom of tube so it looks
like it's below frame but head is still out of frame.

Paste tag and rotate it using pick tool and duplicate it and move one
below frame layer and the other above frame.
Erase part of top layer so it looks like it's hanging on string.

Add name and gradient glow. To get your name in a row going down change
the Leading until it looks good.
Mine was -0.444 but each name is different so play with it until ya like it.
You can find leading at the top right next to kerning and tracking in the Tool Option Pallette.
If you don't have yours showing already you can
get it by going to View - Palletes - Tool Options or by hitting F4

Add dropshadow to all layers.

Add copyright.

You are done!

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