Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watching You

This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice, I used Artwork by ©Daniel Esparza  at CDO
Font of choice, I used Halloween_ScriptanaCOND.
Template, I used Broom Rides from Dee's Sign Depot
Mask, I used grunge4 by Joyita at Creative Misfits.
Optional Plugin, Xenofex 2 - Lightning 
Mura's Meister - Copies 
Let's Begin! 

Open template and shift D.
Close original.

Delete layers 1,2,5,8,13, and 14.

Using selection tool select around the small bat.

Promote to layer.
Hit delete on original layer.

Duplicate small bat and place bats where you like them.

Use my tag as guide if needed.

Float the orange circles and flood fill 
new layer with color. I used gradient of purples.

For the white rectangle and white circles I floated them
inverted then pasted image that came with my tube
and hit delete.
Drop opacity to 50 for circle layers.

Type text of choice and then center in circle.
Apply Mura's Meister - Copies
Tile setting - gap 1.

Apply Xenofex 2 - Lightning on a new layer and crop to circle.

Paste tube.

At bottom add new layer and fill with black.
Apply mask.
Merge group.

Add name.

Add copyright info.


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