Thursday, August 16, 2012

Very Emolicious


This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice, I used artwork by ©VeryMany at PFD.

Template, I used Coffee by Dees' Sign Depot.

Scrapkit, I used (PTU) Emolicious by TammyKat Dezigns

at CDO

Font of choice, I used Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly.

Let's Begin!

Open template and shift D.

Close original.

Delete first 3 layers.

There are a few basic steps for this template that are repetitive.

1. Select layer
2. Float
3. Invert
4. Paste paper
5. Hit delete

For each layer of template we are going to do the above steps
using the scrap kit papers to make this tag.

Start at bottom of template and work your way up.

Here are the layers I changed and what I used.

bottom white squares - splatter paper 4
pink squares - text paper
black rectangle - bk paper 1
black circle - splatter paper
top white squares - 
blue strip - pasted tube and cropped to fit then changed blend mode to luminance (L)
white frame bg's - dot paper pink on left one pasted tube and cropped to fit then changed blend mode to luminance (L).
pink frame - splatter paper 4

OK once you have that all done it's time to add some elements.

I used heart 3, star 1, ribbon trim, skull 1

Paste main tube and crop off bottom part.
Use my tag as guide if needed.

Duplicate tube.
Select the white frame and float then invert.
Move the duplicated tube where you like and hit delete. 
Do this for each square on frame.
Change blend to screen.

Add name.

Add copyright.

That's It!

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