Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look Calm

This tutorial was written by me and for those
who have a good working knowledge of psp.

Supplies Needed

Tubes of choice, I used Artwork by ©PinUpToons at CDO.
Font of choice, I used LDJ Jilly Nilly .
Template, I used Look Calm by Dees' Sign Depot.
 Plugins, I used Xenofex 1 - Baked Earth (scaly skin)
Xenofex 2 - Classic Mosaic 
Richard Rosenman - Scanlines 
Eye Candy 5 Nature - Smoke
or use mine if you don't have this plugin.
Animation Shop
Let's Begin! 

Open template and shift D.
Close original.

We are going to work our way up from the bottom.

Select brown oval and float then add new layer and fill with color of choice.
I used #312923.
Apply Texture Effect - Fine Leather.

Select blue rectangle and same steps as last 
layer if you want to change color or leave as I did and apply
Richard Rosenman - Scanlines 

Now onward and upward to green square.
Same steps again to change color.
I used #796650.
Apply Xenofex 1 - Baked Earth (scaly skin)

Now to the beige circle layer.
I kept this color but same steps if you want to change it.
Apply Xenofex 2 - Classic Mosaic 

For brown square I applied Fine Leather same settings as before.

For small blue square I floated layer and added 
new layer and used #5d788c as a texture.

Did the same texture for the killed and 3 as well.

Select small green circle and float then invert.
Paste large tube mirrored and hit delete.

Paste tube and place where you like it.

Add name.

Add copyright info.

Now to animate bullet holes you need to select inside the holes.

Apply EC5 Smoke with these settings




Apply and select none copy merge and paste into AS.

Go back to psp and hit back arrow.

Apply again but change random seed.

Do steps until you have 3 layers in AS.

Select A an change frame properties to 50.

Save and that's it!

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